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NuGen Automation unveils Covid-19 Resource Hub, portable command workstations for pipeline control rooms
NuGen Automation unveils pandemic support resources for energy professionals, oilfield automation services, and the 'Remote Operations Go-Kit' to reinforce efforts of US and Canada pipeline operators during the global health emergency
DuPont businesses band together to produce hand sanitizer
Across DuPont, business and functional teams have banded together to answer the Covid-19 call for something they have never before produced, packaged, or distributed: hand sanitizer
SABIC posts net loss of $253.33mn in Q1-2020, suspends all capex
Total sales during the first quarter amounted to $8.22bn, a decrease of 18% compared to the same quarter of 2019, and a decrease of 6% against the previous quarter
ENOC Group implements screening tests and disinfection measures at staff accommodation
The group has also rolled out a comprehensive prevention and infection control programme, an isolation plan and published an infectious disease prevention pandemic plan
Saudi Aramco responds to Covid-19 with support for its people and communities
Saudi Aramco’s inbuilt systems for managing global crises ensure all its sites remain operational
Are single-use plastic items making a comeback?
In the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, an unexpected hero is emerging, which would have been considered as a villain by a large section of the society in the absence of the unprecedented health crisis created by the new virus. It seems that single-use plastics can literally make the difference between life and death in the current scenario. Are single-use plastics – the movement towards the phase-out which was gaining momentum around the world before Covid-19 pandemic – staging a comeback?