Lux Research report: Decarbonisation of the global energy trade is a $500bn zero-carbon opportunity
Lux Research predicts that a renewable energy supply chain will take decades to establish, but can be cost-effective versus domestic wind and solar in Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea
Shell invests in new Nigeria LNG processing unit
The new LNG processing unit will be funded by NLNG without shareholder loans, or shareholder equity requirements. The project cost is therefore not reported as part of Shell’s overall capital expenditure
First quarter oil industry results reaffirm industry instability, says GlobalData
The recently exposed instability in the oil industry makes a speedy transition to sustainable energy a necessity
Advanced Engineering Valves selects Cryogenic VICTREX CT polymer after meeting Shell MESC specifications
Improved sealing reliability to meet needs in the extreme cold temperatures found in compressing and liquefying natural gas
Shell exits proposed Lake Charles LNG project
Given current market conditions, Shell announced that it will not proceed with an equity interest in the proposed Lake Charles LNG project. Accordingly, Energy Transfer will take over as the project developer