oil and gas industry

Clariant opens progressive high throughput experimentation laboratory
Clariant’s high throughput experimentation lab is a fast-response-unit for application, discovery and development of optimised formulations for customers in a rapid timeframe
Five minutes with: Ron Beck, director of marketing strategy, Aspen Technology
Avoiding a compressor failure at a well site, gas pipeline, or oil refinery, through early detection and diagnosis, for example, can avoid downtime losses running into millions of dollars
Video: Rich McAvey, research vice president of Gartner, on digitalisation in the oil and gas industry
Digitalisation done in the right direction will further improve the uptime, productivity, energy efficiency and safety in the downstream industry
Saudi Aramco unveils 'Fourth Industrial Revolution Centre'
The centre is designed to support the end-to-end use case development throughout its ideation, prototyping, piloting, and full-scale deployment