Are single-use plastic items making a comeback?
In the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, an unexpected hero is emerging, which would have been considered as a villain by a large section of the society in the absence of the unprecedented health crisis created by the new virus. It seems that single-use plastics can literally make the difference between life and death in the current scenario. Are single-use plastics – the movement towards the phase-out which was gaining momentum around the world before Covid-19 pandemic – staging a comeback?
2020 RPME Top 30 EPC Contractors: JGC Corporation
JGC Corporation ranked No. 28: More than 20,000 projects completed in over 80 countries
ExxonMobil boosts production of raw materials for medical masks, gowns and hand sanitiser
Specialised polypropylene monthly production increased by 1,000 tonnes; enough to make 200 million masks, or 20 million gowns
2020 RPME Top 30 EPC Contractors: Técnicas Reunidas
Técnicas Reunidas ranked No. 4: Backlog of $11bn at year end 2019
ExxonMobil reduces 2020 capex by 30%, cash opex by 15%
To minimise risks presented by Covid-19 and maintain operations, ExxonMobil has implemented enhanced cleaning procedures and modified work practices at sites around the world
ExxonMobil unveils Mobil Serv Lubrication Management, a first-of-its-kind digital maintenance management platform
Mobil Serv Lubrication Management provides companies of all sizes with a cost-effective solution to improve team collaboration and boost operational productivity and profitability