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Will the road to the future for refineries be a long and thorny one?
We think that the actual structure of a Middle Eastern refinery of the future will have a very different management structure, local personnel, and information management models and systems than those of today, comment Ekaterina Kalinenko and Bill Bosler
Quality control challenges in critical equipment manufacturing in refining and petrochemicals industry
When it comes to downstream complexes, all equipment, components, structures and materials make up a significant slice of the total cost of the project, and therefore it is essential to implement a robust and reliable approach to quality control through all stages of manufacturing and implementing, comments Yury Urozhaev
The Industrial Internet of Things in process industries: Challenges and opportunities
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and its associated functional agility and data management improvements will catalyse significant improvements in the process industries. But, it will be resisted by many, comments Bill Bosler
Key trends and innovations in refining and petrochemicals industry
Going forward, benchmarking will lose its position as an instrument of developing strategy because such comparisons have been done multiple times, comment Ekaterina Kalinenko and Konstantin Stezhko
ME-TECH 2019 focuses on significance of refining-petrochemical integration
Honeywell UOP and Wood hosted pre-conference seminars for end-users on 26 February, followed by the two-day ME-TECH forum during 27-28 February. The event was held at St Regis Resort on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Infrastructure development trends and digital-based supply chain integration
Digitalisation is and will continue to be a key element for the growth and development of the refining and petrochemicals industry, and for other sectors also, comment Ekaterina Kalinenko and Konstantin Stezhko