Ekaterina Kalinenko

New horizons in COTC, and refinery and petrochemicals
Refinery and petrochemicals integration has been occupying hearts and minds of global industry managers for some time now and still there is a substantial potential for this process to develop further, comment Ekaterina Kalinenko and Stefan Chapman
Impact of IMO 2020 sulphur regulation on refining and related industries
IMO 2020 sulphur regulation on bunker fuels is not a threat for all market players. It is an opportunity not only for licensing companies, which provide technologies and equipment to treat and minimise sulphur, but also for catalyst providers, comments Ekaterina Kalinenko
What does the future hold for electric vehicles?
The growth of transport fuels sector will be reduced from 2025 onward by the impact of EVs and autonomous vehicles as well as selective restrictions on diesel use, but it is not likely to affect ongoing investment decisions by energy companies, comment Ekaterina Kalinenko and Stefan Chapman
Will the road to the future for refineries be a long and thorny one?
We think that the actual structure of a Middle Eastern refinery of the future will have a very different management structure, local personnel, and information management models and systems than those of today, comment Ekaterina Kalinenko and Bill Bosler
Infrastructure development trends and digital-based supply chain integration
Digitalisation is and will continue to be a key element for the growth and development of the refining and petrochemicals industry, and for other sectors also, comment Ekaterina Kalinenko and Konstantin Stezhko