Video: Rich McAvey, research vice president of Gartner, on digitalisation in the oil and gas industry
Digitalisation done in the right direction will further improve the uptime, productivity, energy efficiency and safety in the downstream industry
Emerson’s latest version of AMS Device Manager boosts decision support
AMS Device Manager reduces device data complexity and strengthens the field device data foundation that is critical for embarking on digital transformation
Digital Transformation: The future of downstream
Machine learning is an incredibly exciting innovation — the ability to understand when something is going to fail, before it fails — says Craig Hayman, CEO of AVEVA
DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ 2018 global operations risk survey of corporate leaders reveals startling results
Despite overwhelming evidence of business disruptions that can occur from failing to manage various risks, company executives are not adequately identifying and preparing for risks that can have potentially catastrophic implications on business operations, according to DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ (DSS) annual global survey of company executives.
ENOC, BHGE announce co-development of VitalyX lubricant monitoring system
Baker Hughes announced an agreement with ENOC to co-develop VitalyX, a real-time lubricant monitoring system.
Video: Craig Hayman, CEO of AVEVA, on the key role of machine learning in downstream industry by 2025
Machine learning is going to dramatically change how the downstream facilities operate by 2025, says Craig Hayman, CEO of AVEVA, in the below video.
Emerson unveils AMS Inspection Rounds, enables digital capture of plant conditions to drive faster response
Emerson released AMS Inspection Rounds, a new application for the AMS Trex Device Communicator that will make it easier for operations teams to capture, report, and respond to abnormal plant conditions that pose risks to reliability, safety, and performance.