Hengyi Industries contracts DuPont Clean Technologies for STRATCO alkylation technology

Making strides to reduce environmental impact in Brunei

Kevin Bockwinkel, global business manager, STRATCO alkylation technology.
Kevin Bockwinkel, global business manager, STRATCO alkylation technology.

DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) has been awarded the contract to supply Hengyi Industries SDN BHD (Hengyi) with licensing and engineering for a STRATCO alkylation unit at the Brunei refinery in Pulau Muara Besar, Brunei. The new refinery will not only supply the domestic market but also plans to produce refined fuel for export. In order to comply with the China VI standard of 10ppm sulphur content for fuel, Hengyi commissioned DuPont for a STRATCO alkylation unit with 800kmta (20,750bpsd) alkylate capacity. The Pulau Muara Besar refinery and petrochemical plant has the capacity to refine eight million tonnes of crude oil per year.

The STRATCO alkylation unit will enable Hengyi to generate low-sulphur, high-octane, low-Rvp alkylate with zero olefins that meets the criteria of the China VI standard. Start-up is targeted for 2023.
“It is a privilege to be selected by Hengyi for this project award and DuPont is thrilled to be working with them on this grassroots unit to meet specifications for the China VI standard. We anticipate a strong relationship between our two companies and are excited to cooperate with Hengyi on seeing this project through to completion. We are committed to supporting them for many years to come in helping them to achieve their objectives,” said  

“We are extremely pleased to be working with DuPont on this endeavour. We look forward to having DuPont design an alkylation unit meeting all of our gasoline pool specifications. DuPont comes with years of valuable experience and proven quality in alkylate production,” said the Hengyi No 5 refinery technical lead.

The STRATCO alkylation technology is a sulphuric acid, catalysed process that converts low-value, straight-chain olefins (propylene, butylene and amylene) into high-value, branched components called alkylate. Alkylate, with its superior blending properties, is a key component for clean gasoline and the STRATCO alkylation technology helps refiners safely produce cleaner-burning gasoline with high octane, low-Reid vapour pressure, low sulphur, zero aromatics and zero olefins.

The STRATCO alkylation technology is licensed and marketed by DuPont as part of its Clean Technologies portfolio in Overland Park, Kansas. DuPont is the world leader in alkylation technology with more than 100 licensed units worldwide and more than 915,000 bpsd (35,800kmta) of installed capacity. DuPont is committed to alkylation research and has extensive experience in assisting refiners with alkylation research, design, start-ups, test runs, troubleshooting, optimisation, revamps, expansions, analytical testing, operator training, turnarounds and HAZOP studies.

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