Zeeland Refinery bridges gap in planning and scheduling with Aspen Technology

Oil refinery to deploy Aspen GDOT software aiming to maximise profit generation

Zeeland Refinery has an annual production capacity of 11.5mn tonnes of fuels and raw material for the petrochemical industry.
Zeeland Refinery has an annual production capacity of 11.5mn tonnes of fuels and raw material for the petrochemical industry.

Aspen Technology announced that Zeeland Refinery, a joint venture between Total and Lukoil in Western Europe, will deploy Aspen GDOT dynamic optimisation software.

Aspen GDOT will initially be deployed on the middle distillate production units across the refinery and will help Zeeland Refinery to drive more consistent product quality, increasing middle distillate production and advancing energy efficiency.

The dynamic coordination of APC (advanced process control) for multiple process units by Aspen GDOT can help to optimise all planning and scheduling opportunities to drive to higher than previously expected profitability in operations.

Nathalie de Muynck, general manager at Zeeland Refinery, said: “By implementing Aspen GDOT with our existing AspenTech APC platform, we can realise additional optimisation capabilities that will further improve profit generation, therefore delivering significant value to our shareholders.

John Koumoutsakis, senior vice president of sales at Aspen Technology, added: “We look forward to helping Zeeland Refinery further improve its operational efficiency by deploying Aspen GDOT.  With changes to regulations such as the IMO 2020 marine fuel specifications that demand lower sulphur emissions from marine fuel, the need to align planned performance with actual performance is key to improving productivity levels.

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