GE successfully deliver electrical solutions to Shell’s petrochemical plant in the Netherlands

GE’s variable speed drive system can reach steadily over approximately 90% energy efficiency for a compressor train

Russell Stokes, president and CEO, GE’s Power Conversion business.
Russell Stokes, president and CEO, GE’s Power Conversion business.

GE Power has recently successfully delivered the variable speed drive system (VSDS) and an e-house to the petrochemical plant by Shell Nederland Chemie B.V.

GE’s VSDS, encompassing the high-speed induction motor and the variable speed drive, can reach steadily over approximately 90 percent energy efficiency for the compressor train. A small footprint and less necessary auxiliary requirements provide flexibility to the plant layout and enable smooth plant integration, which in turn reduce the associated infrastructure costs.

Given the nature of electric solutions, it also helps ease the environmental impact from the field operations, significantly contributing to the decarbonization of the plant. Since the project execution, the VSDS has been up and running flawlessly in the plant, achieving required speed of 6400RPM as well as the required air capacity of the compressor since start-up.

It is imperative for (petrochemical) manufacturing sites to adopt clean and reliable solutions, reducing the variable cost of our assets as well as their associated CO2 footprint. Electrification is a unique business opportunity in the ongoing energy transition, meeting both environmental and performance requirements,” said Roland Stahlie, Technology Manager of Shell Nederland Chemie B.V. “We are pleased to work with GE, who has successfully delivered the high-speed integrated drive system solution in a complex brownfield environment.”

“Electrification is underway to take over the world’s energy infrastructure due to its low environmental impact, energy efficiency, and reliability it brings. We have been the market leader for electric VSDS solutions for almost three decades. Today, we enjoy a global installed base of 150 GE high-speed systems, with 4.5 million operation hours accumulated,” said Russell Stokes, president and CEO, GE’s Power Conversion business. “We are pleased to deliver this reliable and well-proven electric solution to electrify Shell’s petrochemical plant that delivers both productivity and sustainability for our customer.”

Shell Nederland Chemie B.V. Moerdijk manufactures base chemicals from the petroleum fractions naphtha, hydrowax, gasoil and LPG. The products made are used by customers to manufacture many everyday products, such as light weight car components, heat insulation materials, polyester fibers, latex paints and mattresses.

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