Saudi Aramco responds to Covid-19 with support for its people and communities

Saudi Aramco’s inbuilt systems for managing global crises ensure all its sites remain operational

In its response to Covid-19, Saudi Aramco has prioritised the safety, health and wellbeing of its employees, as well as its communities, around the world.
In its response to Covid-19, Saudi Aramco has prioritised the safety, health and wellbeing of its employees, as well as its communities, around the world.

Saudi Aramco provided an update on how the company is keeping its people and communities safe from Covid-19, while continuing to supply the world the energy it needs.

In its response to Covid-19, Saudi Aramco has prioritised the safety, health and wellbeing of its employees, as well as its communities, around the world. The company has implemented measures to reduce the risk of infection and to mitigate the virus’ impact on its people and its business. The company and its employees have also supported community efforts to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Saudi Aramco’s inbuilt systems for managing global crises ensure all its sites remain operational. Its supply chains also remain uninterrupted, as the company continues to work with its partners to ensure safe delivery of materials.

Aramco’s president and chief executive officer, Amin H Nasser, said: “The world has encountered unprecedented complexities as a result of Covid-19, which have required high levels of agility and adaptability. The safety and wellbeing of our people has always been Aramco’s top priority and we continue to put them first in every decision we make.

“I am proud of how Aramco has responded to the challenge with a strong, united and compassionate approach, which stems from our deep-rooted community values. Covid-19 has no doubt created physical barriers, but it has also brought many of us closer together. We stand by our promise to do all that we can in the fight against Covid-19, helping those around us and delivering the world’s energy throughout this pandemic.”

Aramco has a number of measures in place at each of its locations, including active prevention programmes, detailed contingency plans and leading medical support services to minimise risk and ensure the best possible care. All these measures are in line with government and official health advice in each of its operating jurisdictions, alongside its own internal health measures, which are guided by advice from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Aramco is proud to have a joint venture with Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH), the facility of which at Saudi Aramco’s Dhahran headquarters is integral to its medical preparedness and response to Covid-19. The company has worked with JHAH to roll out a company-wide health awareness campaign, including weekly updates, and ensure all its employees have access to the latest accurate information about preventing transmission of Covid-19, actions they should take if they display symptoms, tips on caring for themselves at home and where to receive medical assistance.

In addition, Saudi Aramco has launched a Covid-19 Mental Health Tool Kit, an online resource for people in isolation, or quarantine, their family and friends. This provides guidance and practical steps on how to care for their emotional health during this stressful time.

Saudi Aramco has also facilitated working from home wherever possible, including employees considered to be at higher risk from infection, to reduce the in-office population, all in line with social distancing instructions issued by authorities in each of its locations. Managers have also been directed to ensure that their business continuity plans prioritise employees as part of its long-standing commitment to staff safety.

As a result of the essential nature of their work, much of which cannot be done remotely, many of its staff continue to report to their usual workplace. The company thanked all those who turn up each day to ensure Aramco’s operations continue at all of its facilities, as well as its healthcare colleagues at JHAH - who are on the front line helping those who need assistance most. To protect those working at its facilities, Saudi Aramco has intensified sterilisation efforts, applied social distancing rules and ensured strict health practices are adhered to. There is also 100% thermal screening of employees and contractors across all facilities and company transport to limit the possibility of contagion at both onshore and offshore sites.

Working with the communities in each of its geographies, and in line with relevant government measures, Saudi Aramco is providing support that includes much-needed medical equipment such as ventilators, high-efficiency air purifiers and personal protective equipment (PPE).

In Saudi Arabia, on 1 April 2020, Aramco and its subsidiaries presented $53mn to the Health Endowment Fund of the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia to support efforts to combat Covid-19. In particular, the endowment focuses on providing ventilators for intensive care units. Aramco and its subsidiaries have also launched an employee donation campaign, Stay Home Stay Safe, to support vulnerable people during this unsettling time through the provision of basic foodstuffs, preventative equipment such as masks and hand sanitiser, and educational materials. The campaign raised over $1.7mn, a figure that has been matched by the company, and the total amount of more than $3.4mn will be used to supply essentials to more than 20,000 households in over 15 cities across Saudi Arabia. Aramco tanks are also being used to store raw sterilising materials for the Food and Drug General Authority ahead of being needed for manufacturing products that counter the spread of Covid-19.

Together, Saudi Aramco’s global offices have committed to contributing more than $3.5mn to support healthcare and disaster relief organisations. Aramco Asia office facilitated donations of cash and critically needed medical supplies to the Red Cross Society in China. Aramco Korea made a donation of $800,000 to South Korea’s Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the country. S-Oil, of which Aramco is the largest shareholder, has donated $400,000 to South Korea’s relief efforts.

Aramco Europe donated funds to Italy’s Fondazione Buzzi for intensive care units and other medical supplies. Aramco Overseas Company in London has delivered essential healthcare items such as masks and sanitisers to more than 500 company-sponsored students in the UK. Remote and in-person medical services are also being provided.

In Detroit, home to one of Saudi Aramco’s Global Research Centers, more than 2,000 protective masks were donated to Harper Hospital in collaboration with the North American Association of Chinese Engine Engineers (NAACEE). Aramco Americas also provided 30,000 KN95 masks for the city of Houston, where it has its headquarters. Aramco’s subsidiary, the Motiva Refinery in Port Arthur, Texas, has continued to operate safely and efficiently, producing ethylene, which is being used to make medical supplies that are in high demand. In addition, it has donated 1,200 PPE suits to the Regional Emergency Operations Center for Covid-19 testing sites across Southeast Texas. The Motiva Refinery team has created an employee fundraising and company matching initiative in support of the Houston Food Bank. The staff of AramcoWorld magazine have provided classroom guides and other multimedia sources to support online teachers.

Aramco stands ready to continue providing support to its people and communities around the globe. The company is proud of its world-leading record of reliability, as well as its men and women who are doing their part to keep people safe and ensure essential business continues throughout this dynamic situation.

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