Quote of the day: From Ben van Beurden, CEO, Shell

Ben van Beurden comments on how coalitions of businesses can take action today to help decarbonise the global economy, sector by sector

 Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell.
Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell.

"This time last year I was also speaking in London. I spoke, in part, about the British government’s ambition to end the sale of conventionally-powered vehicles by 2040. I supported it and I suggested they could, in fact, move more quickly. I surprised a few people by taking that stance at the time. But it still holds true today. Indeed, the UK will have to move more quickly on vehicles if it is to meet the commitment the government made last month. Because achieving net zero emissions by 2050, even for a country with the resources, talent and technology of the UK, is going to be an enormous challenge," says Ben van Beurden, CEO, Shell.

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