Nominations open: Middle East Energy Awards to recognise ‘Technical Innovation of the Year’
This award will recognise a project that demonstrates a successful and innovative technical solution, which has practically solved a serious problem faced by the energy industry
New categories in the Middle East Energy Awards
With 16 categories, up from 10 in the 2018 edition of the awards, there is more room than ever to celebrate the wide scope of achievements from the individuals and organisations striving to innovate and change the energy sector
Nominations open: Middle East Energy Awards to recognise the Oilfield Services Company of the Year
In addition to the traditional roster of categories, for the first time, the awards will celebrate achievements in the utilities sector, include renewable and alternative energy
Editor's comment: The Middle East Energy Awards
The rebranded awards incorporate six new categories for the best performers from the energy industry
Cepsa presents its unique LAB plant at CESIO 2019
The Puente Mayorga chemical plant is being upgraded to make it the first in the world to replace HF technology with the Detal process
SABIC partners with JA China to host 'Lights of Our Future' sustainable development competition
As SABIC’s global signature CSR programme, Lights of Our Future was introduced to China in 2014