Next week, experts discuss how digital could boost the oil and gas recovery

In our webinar “Oil & gas at a digital tipping point”, experts from ADNOC and ABB will discuss how digital technology can make companies more resilient

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The oil and gas industry has been pushed to a digital tipping point, transforming digital technology from an option to a necessity. During the current market crisis, operators that invested in digital technology early reaped the benefits of added resilience and flexibility while others struggled to adapt to the new normal.

Confronted with the double-pronged impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the oil price crash, oil companies have a renewed sense of the market’s fragility, and they will have to maximise their efforts to optimise operations.

The discussion will consider the growing importance of remote work solutions, worker connectivity, and a robust data infrastructure in the energy sector as it recovers from the latest market crisis. The panel of experts will discuss how smart investments into digital technology can impact operations and improve resilience in a turbulent market.

The panel will consist of Christian Cravedi, senior vice president and hub manager for India, the Middle East and Africa for energy industries for ABB, and Ronan O’Sullivan, vice president of digital, HBL energy industries for india, the Middle East, and Africa from ABB. Joining us from ADNOC Group is Khaled Al Blooshi, the company’s vice president of digital operations.

It is sure to be a fascinating discussion as we learn from technology experts and one of the most digital-forward companies in the region.

To learn more about the next wave of digitalisation, register to attend our free webinar, where experts from ABB and ADNOC will explore the renewed urgency for digitalisation.

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