Abu Dhabi Department of Energy’s visit to Japan underscores importance of knowledge exchange for efficient energy transition

Japan has impressive experience in energy conservation, delivering energy efficiency and sustainability

Abu Dhabi Department of Energy delegation in a visit to Kamisu power station of Marubeni Corporation.
Abu Dhabi Department of Energy delegation in a visit to Kamisu power station of Marubeni Corporation.

A delegation from the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), headed by chairman Awaidha Al Marar, is visiting Japan this week to share the Emirate’s experience in developing the energy sector and to exchange expertise with Japanese energy ministries and organisations.

During the visit, the DoE delegation will place particular focus on sustainability projects, demand-side management programmes and energy efficiency initiatives. The department’s representatives will also take part in the International Symposium on Water Supply Technology, held under the theme ‘Water Supply Services and Their Future: Reliable, Sustainable and Smart’.

The agenda for DoE’s visit, which concludes on 12 July, also includes meetings with Japanese energy sector leaders at the Energy Conservation Centre for Japan (ECCJ); the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation (NEDO); NGK Insulators; the NAS Battery Plant; Marubeni Corporation; and Kamisu power station.

Through participation in the symposium, the DoE representatives will access the latest water supply technologies, discuss key challenges facing the supply sector in Japan and explore viable solutions, as well as find out more about the latest technologies in Japan’s energy sector.

DoE’s meetings will introduce Japanese institutions to the latest developments in Abu Dhabi’s energy sector, as well as the government’s plan for the diversification of energy sources and promoting renewable energy. They will also shed light on the emirate’s initiatives for the transition to clean energy, including the recent commercial opening of Noor Abu Dhabi Solar Plant.

Abu Dhabi gives the principles and standards of efficient water and energy supply due consideration through developing policies and initiatives that prompt our partners in the sector to achieve tangible progress in line with the Abu Dhabi vision and the UAE Energy Strategy 2050,” said Al Marar.

“As we continue to share our acclaimed practice and explore international experiences in water supply and energy efficiency and sustainability, we find Japan’s expertise in this field impressive. We have made tremendous progress over the years, cementing Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s position regionally and globally, and we are always keen to share knowledge and exchange expertise with influential global players, such as Japan, to bring momentum to our countries’ energy transition journey,” Al Marar added.

In the aftermath of the oil crisis in the 1970s, Japan has enacted a solid energy efficiency strategy which resulted in sturdy improvements over 40 years. Successful measures that Japan implemented to improve energy efficiency and rationalise consumption included issuance of energy efficiency laws, offering free energy audits for industrial and commercial premises as well as conducting behavioural change and awareness campaigns.

The visit is enabling the DoE delegation to gain first-hand experience of the demand-side management programmes and energy efficiency strategy frameworks implemented by the Energy Conservation Centre for Japan, in addition to facilitating discussion of energy efficiency policies with the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

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