ME-TECH 2019 Preview: We anticipate strong growth for centrifuges

Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT – is gaining more and more importance for our customers throughout the world, observes Christine Reinermann, senior sales manager and product specialist, chemical and industrial at Andritz Separation.

Christine Reinermann, senior sales manager and product specialist, chemical and industrial at Andritz Separation.
Christine Reinermann, senior sales manager and product specialist, chemical and industrial at Andritz Separation.

Why are you participating in ME-TECH 2019?
ME-TECH covers pretty much the whole Middle East region for petrochemical downstream technology and attracts an impressive number of prospects for our solutions and experts in that field. The conference allows us to present our technologies in solid/liquid separation and thermal drying, and is the ideal platform to connect with the important decision-makers in the Middle East.

What products and services are you looking to showcase at the event? What are some of the key points that are going to be highlighted?
Andritz Separation will present a petrochemical stream from PX to PTA that includes centrifuges and filters of different types. We will show how our separation solutions enable customers to benefit from our extensive references and experience and from obtaining everything from a single source.

What are some of the key trends in downstream technology that you think the industry should be paying more attention to? And, why?
One of the key trends is that plants gain more and more capacity, which is also reflected in an increase of capacity for single machines. Another issue that is not new, but no less relevant, is energy savings in addition to water savings during operations. Here, we are seeing an increasing demand for separation solutions in the field of zero liquid discharge.

Whatever industry manufacturers are in – all industries nowadays are facing a new challenge with the Fourth Industrial Revolution based on the use of cyber-physical systems – they are interested in digital solutions to make life easier.

In order to take this into account, Andritz Separation offers Metris addIQ control systems that combine all our extensive operation, troubleshooting, and start-up experience in a tailored automation solution. It is a modular, PLC-based system that maximises machine performance – from predictive maintenance solutions, to process monitoring and troubleshooting, to long-term trending.

Do you have any predictions for the refining and petrochemical sectors in the Middle East in 2019-2020?
Project planning is going ahead and, for example, a huge chemical complex is to be built in Saudi Arabia. In the Middle East region alone, we anticipate strong growth for centrifuges, filters and other solid/liquid separation equipment in the petrochemical sector. This underlines the importance of Andritz Separation being present in this particular regional market.

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