Infrastructure development trends and digital-based supply chain integration
Digitalisation is and will continue to be a key element for the growth and development of the refining and petrochemicals industry, and for other sectors also, comment Ekaterina Kalinenko and Konstantin Stezhko
Maximise success through catalyst innovations
Modern refineries and petrochemical complexes without catalytic processes are hard to imagine. In some cases, efficient catalysts and their proper use are the determining factors for the competitiveness of these facilities, comments Valentin Kotlomin
OpEx: A key enabler to future sustainability in the downstream sector
The key to continued success in terms of Operational Excellence (OpEx) is changing the culture of the workforce. Everyone must feel to be part of the team and be motivated to ensure improved performance. There is a new generation of engineers needed to allow companies to benefit from the new tools offered by digitalisation and connected plants, opine Colin Chapman and Ekaterina Kalinenko.
Oil and gas industry set to accelerate move to digital in 2019
The push towards digital transformation and the advance of artificial intelligence and analytics-based technologies are opening a whole new range of opportunities for the oil and gas industry, comments Ron Beck, energy industry marketing director, AspenTech.
Opinion: Managing risks in the investment process
Risks can come about unexpectedly to companies, especially if they do not have reliable sources of information regarding changing regulations, sanctions, and market price change for equipment, feedstock and products, in advance. Projects still have to be completed, sometimes at a higher cost, comment Colin Chapman and Ekaterina Kalinenko of Euro Petroleum Consultants.
Opinion: Key challenges in reliable and safe downstream asset operations
The current trends in production, transportation and processing of hydrocarbons open a whole new range of opportunities for growth and development of global businesses, comment Ekaterina Kalinenko and Konstantin Stezhko of Euro Petroleum Consultants.

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