Petro Rabigh delays the restart of the HOFCC unit

Delay of the HOFCC unit impacts gasoline and polypropylene sales

The company conducted a 60 days maintenance works.
The company conducted a 60 days maintenance works.

Rabigh Refining and Petrochemical Company “Petro Rabigh” said that the High Olefins Fluid Catalytic Cracker (HOFCC) unit will be restarted by end July instead of mid July as announced previously, which will impact the sales of gasoline and polypropylene.

The company said that it has restarted all its units including the crude distillation unit, the ethane cracker, the PE unit and all other units by end June, except the HOFCC, (which produces 900,000 tonnes per year of propylene) unit will which is set to be re-started in the next coming days.

“We expect to restart the HOFCC unit by the end of July as we scheduled an extra maintenance work for the main fractionator of the HOFCC,” the company said.

“We expect a decline in gasoline and polypropylene in July,” the company added.

The company said in early April that the maintenance work to last 60 days, and operations will start gradually after 45 days.

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