DuPont to showcase refining technology at MEPEC

MEPEC will take place in Bahrain on 14-17th September

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DuPont will discuss the qualities and benefits of its latest refining technology at the 3rd Oil and Gas Conference for Process Engineering in the Middle East, MEPEC 2015, on 14-17th September.

One of the keynote panels on 16th of September will address the topic of driving process efficiency to meet key business objectives.

In a technical session immediately afterwards, Dr. Matthew Clingerman, EMEA Regional Engineering Manager for DuPont Clean Technologies, will provide delegates with up-to-date information on Stratco alkylation and IsoTherming hydroprocessing technologies and their role in producing clean fuels.

“Oil and gas companies are under increasing pressure to produce cleaner fuels. Many feel that these environmental constraints contribute to the head-wind they already face. But there are solutions that offer increased efficiency and profitability even in these challenging times,” Dr. Clingerman explains.

"By utilitising DuPont™ STRATCO® Alkylation Technology, refiners can produce a low-sulfur blending component for gasoline that can significantly improve the economics of a refinery. In addition, our IsoTherming® Hydroprocessing Technology is a proven, cost-effective, and flexible means to produce ultra-low sulfur transportation fuels.”

Anil Menon, business manager, Clean Technologies EMEA, South and Southeast Asia explains: “The Middle East and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region is a major developing market for DuPont. We are committed to collaborating with key organizations in the area to bring our extensive scientific and innovation experience and know-how to bear so we can jointly address local challenges.”

DuPont has over 80 years of experience in the development and licensing of alkylation technology.

“MEPEC 2015 is a unique event for us to share our expertise gained over decades in clean fuels research and process design with engineering experts from the oil and gas industry who are keen to achieve energy efficiency through cost-effective, innovative process control and optimization,” Dr. Clingerman said.

With over 20 commercial references, IsoTherming® technology is well-suited for applications such as LSD/ULSD production, diesel dewaxing, and mild hydrocracking, as well as processing difficult feedstocks such as 100% light cycle oil.

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