Qafac awards carbon recovery contract to MHI

Contract will allow Qafac to increase methanol production by 250 tonne

Qafac aims to increase methanol capacity by 250 tonne.
Qafac aims to increase methanol capacity by 250 tonne.

Qatar Fuel Additives Company (Qafac) has signed a contract with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Company (MHI) for the construction of a unit for the recovery and injection of carbon dioxide to increase Qafac production capacity of methanol by about 250 tonnes.

The CO2, which is to be recovered at up to 500 tonnes per day (tpd) - one of the world's largest CO2 capture capacities - will be used to increase production of methanol. The event marks the first overseas order for an MHI CO2 recovery plant specifically targeted at raising methanol production. Construction of the plant is slated for completion in October 2014.

MHI Industrial Engineering and Services Private (MIES), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, which has already received a license from the World Health Organization (WHO) to build such units, will carry out procurement and construction work while Mitsubishi will be in charge of all business dealings.

Although MHI has previously licensed its CO2 recovery technology to many plants around the world, the QAFAC order represents only the third licensing-plus-EPC order for one of its CO2 recovery plants. The last time was for the first commercial CO2 recovery plant delivered to Malaysia, back in 1999.

Going forward MHI looks to market its CO2 recovery technology aggressively not only for chemical applications but for use in the CCS and EOR fields also.

QAFAC produces methanol and methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE).

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