AS-Schneider, Binzagr joint venture starts production of industrial valves in Saudi Arabia

Last year, AS-Schneider, signed a cooperation contract with the Saudi Arabian production and distribution company Binzagr. The production of valves and valve blocks has now been officially under way on-site since July.

AS-Schneider is opening up the Saudi market through a joint venture with the distribution and production company Binzagr.
AS-Schneider is opening up the Saudi market through a joint venture with the distribution and production company Binzagr.

The joint venture is a crucial step for the manufacturer based in the southern Germany town of Nordheim near Heilbronn to tap into Saudi Arabia as a new market. Through this cooperation, local customers can now access the AS-Schneider high-quality products and competent service even faster and more extensively.

The Binzagr factory is an internationally operating production and distribution company, founded originally as a trade partner of Saudi Aramco. Today, Binzagr is the nation's leading provider of technical insulation for industrial plants and operates in collaboration with various companies, including several from Germany.

Together with local experts, AS-Schneider now locally manufactures industrial valves, specifically for use in the oil and gas industry.

"We are thus the first provider of instrumentation in Saudi Arabia", noted managing director Rolf Kummer. "I am pleased that we were able to gain such an experienced and renowned partner as Binzagr for our market launch.”

“With the start of production on 1 July 2018, the collaboration between the two companies has now taken shape. We mainly assemble and test needle valves, ball valves and manifolds," says Umar Mukthar, who oversees the project for AS-Schneider. "For this, we use the same tailor-made machines as in Germany. So, customers do not have to worry about compromising product quality.”

Through the cooperation with Binzagr, AS-Schneider can now serve customers in Saudi Arabia even faster and more extensively. "We produce high-quality solutions on-site which even exceed the required standards," described Kummer.

"For example, our valves meet the stringent requirements of the ISO 15848 and thus achieve the highest tightness class." Cooperation with a local partner also ensures short delivery times as well as flexible and competent technical support: "If needed, our experts and any spare parts can be made available to the customer in the shortest time," Kummer emphasised.

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